A family in our church is against a/cs

There is a family in my church that stands firmly against a/cs.

They hate a/cs, plus they don’t suppose that there should be any a/cs in our church.

All of us have a small, country church in the middle of nowhere. While there have been a lot of churches that have changed over the years, our church has relatively reMEd the same! For instance, the two of us don’t even have an a/c in our church. However, I know firmly that our church should have an a/c. All of us live in a sizzling area, plus it is entirely miserable during the summer time without an a/c, especially if you are wearing a suit. Our pastor has tried to get the church to buy just a few a/cs. All of us don’t need a central a/c or anything, however even buying a few window a/cs would work wonders for our church. However, a lot of the older people in our church are unsure about buying a/cs for our church, plus they argument back. There is a single couple, in particular, that is completely against a/cs. They suppose that a/cs are a waste of money, plus they suppose that the two of us are going liberally by even suggesting that the two of us should buy a/cs. I suppose that most of us suppose that the two of us should ignore this couple plus buy the a/cs anyway, however they are the largest givers in our church. If they left because the two of us purchased a/cs, the two of us would not be able to afford to stay open. I know that this means that the two of us are not buying a/cs.



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