A long while back I was able to find a boiler rental service in the yellow pages

There was a time when every one of us had to use phone books if every one of us had the wish to find a particular business in the neighborhood. If I wanted to find a really awesome used book store I had never been to before, I had to get the phone book and take a look at the listings. I would use the yellow pages for suppliers while the white pages were for residents in the area. This is generally how you’d rediscover a friend’s number if you lost it or had moved back to the area. But residents pretty much always had the option to be unlisted if that was their desire. I’m honestly sure journalists abused the information in phone books back during those days, because usually addresses were listed also. And you pretty much started by looking up last name first before you could match it with a first name. The yellow pages were approximately the same with businesses. However, instead of listing everything by business name as well as going in alphabetical order, the yellow pages in the phone book regularly categorized everything based on the type of business. There’d be a section for eateries, another for grocery stores, as well as individual sections for florists, athletic goods stores, as well as doctors’ offices to name some. At this point in my life the categories were in alphabetical order while the suppliers within each style were also put in alphabetical order. When I had a horrible disaster in my basement a very long while ago, I needed an emergency boiler rental or my pipes would have become frozen. The only locale I could turn to in seeking boiler rentals was the yellow pages. I was extremely lucky to find a Heating and A/C business that offers rentals for chillers as well as boilers.

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