A wood stove can provide supplementary heat during winter cold snaps

My husband was offered a new position at his company making six figures, but there was only one catch.

If he wanted the promotion, we would be forced to move a thousand miles across the country.

Since I had never lived in the north east before, I encouraged my husband to accept the new job position. I was excited when it was confirmed and we started looking for houses to rent while we save money for an eventual property purchase in the future. Even though we were moving to a larger city, there was still a high demand for housing in that area. I didn’t want to live in an older house, but our options were limited and we had a shrinking window of time in which to make a decision. My husband and I finally signed a lease and moved into our new home. One of the deciding factors for this house is its wood stove that is situated in the living room in front of a closed-off fireplace. I heard that years of neglected maintenance made the fireplace a health hazard, so the previous owners purchased a wood stove and attached the flue to the chimney high above the fireplace mantle to bypass it. If you keep a good supply of firewood, it’s a huge benefit for winter heating. There’s a good heating system here but the wood stove is a powerhouse on its own. In the worst case scenario of a winter power outage, it’s comforting to know that you’ll always be warm. You just need a steady supply of firewood if you want on demand wood heating.



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