Ads were not helping me.

Everyone kept telling me that if I didn’t advertise, my HVAC company was never going to get any business.

  • I was putting ads in the local newspaper and handing out ads in the grocery store and on car windows.

I didn’t know any other way to advertise my HVAC company. It wasn’t until my wife was talking to my mom about our flailing business that I finally got some answers. My mother told me I needed a digital marketing company to put well-placed ads on social media websites. I thought that both my wife and mom were crazy. I knew how expensive it was to place ads in these venues. I also knew that social media was nothing but gossiping done by people who didn’t have a real life. Once I totaled to a digital marketing company, I realized that some of my assumptions were right, but I was also all wrong. It was those same people that gossiped, that also looked at the social media for advice. If they could see someone local on facebook or some other well-known social media site who had used my company and liked my work, they would talk about me. Social media was the best place to advertise a local business. It didn’t take a lot to convince me that I needed ads that would help and not those that didn’t help. The digital marketing company quickly set up a social media campaign that wasn’t nearly as expensive as I had thought it would be. Within two months, I was seeing more business and it was all coming from the social media ads.

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