Air conditioners are not evil

I have heard some people claim that cooling systems are basically evil.

Now, none of the people that I am talking about have truly said those exact words.

I doubt that any of them would openly claim that cooling systems are truly evil. However, I have absolutely heard people talk about cooling systems in such a way that would make you realize that they know that cooling systems are evil… You might be wondering what I am talking about, as well as I can explain. There are a lot of people in our small town that know that cooling systems are making people fat as well as lazy. They have no proof that it is truly the cooling systems that make people lazy, however they are pretty convinced that the cooling systems are making people lazy. When they were adolescents, they didn’t have any cooling systems, as well as they used to work hard. If you listen to them talk about how the world used to be, you would know that they used to live in an actual utopia. However, 1 day, the HVAC companies came with the cooling systems as well as completely ruined everything, however kids that used to love playing outside now stayed inside with their cooling systems. Nobody wanted to work at all because of the cooling systems. They know that nobody who wants to work difficult should be using cooling systems, as well as if you have an cooling system, they automatically make a judgment call about your work ethic. I just ignore these people. Air conditioners are not evil. A lazy man is lazy because he has no character.

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