Air purifier improves the health of the home

In my local area, the weather is a year round challenge.

In the winter, the temperature drops down below zero for months at a time.

The wind chill makes it guess even colder, and the people I was with and I accumulate approximately twelve feet of snow per year. The Springtime and fall seasons are normally quite chilly, wet and windy. I expect to start up the gas furnace in early July and run it non stop until March or May. While our summer time season never lasts all that long, the heat and humidity are brutal. To keep a cool and comfortable home, it’s necessary to operate the air conditioner. There’s seldom an opening to go without either heating or cooling and open the windows. Because of the cost of weekly energy costs, I’ve taken precautions to prevent energy waste. I’ve tightened up the condo with insulation, caulk and weatherstripping to avoid the heated and cooled air from leaking out. This helps to improve efficiency however traps contaminants inside, but dust, dander, pollen, bacteria and other allergens get circulated over and over again, creating complications indoor air conditions. I’ve solved this concern by installing an in-duct air cleaner. It treats every cubic inch of air that the gas furnace and air conditioner reach, trapping 99% of particulates and microorganisms smaller than a grain of salt. The air cleaner helps to eliminate aromas, VOCs, viruses and all sorts of air quality concerns. It not only protects the health of the condo however keeps debris from diminishing the performance of the heating and cooling system. I don’t need to clean as often and the indoor environment feels and aromas fresher.


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