Automatic Shades Seemed Like a Good Idea

Living in the South can be challenging at times, then I am not originally from this region of the country & there are a bunch of differences in cultural expectations & basic ways of living our lives.

Everyone around here is rather conservative & rather dim-witted; They’re constantly being extremely slow when getting from site to site when they aren’t ex substantial old cultural beliefs that I find annoying.

I also have a strenuous time with the humidity that the people I was with and I experience regularly. I know that it is expected to have sizzling air, however it’s the mugginess that I really hate. I do everything I can to control our indoor air temperature however it seems whatever I do is ever enough. It easily doesn’t help that the people I was with and I have to endure the strong sun every day which streams into the condo & heats up our air temperature as if our house were an oven. I have gotten legitimately tired of trying to run our air conditioning unit with the thermostat set low enough to offset the brutal outdoor air temperatures… As such, I concluded I should invest in automatic shades love I had constantly wanted. These automatic window shades are really cool and good to block out sun before it can offset your indoor air temperature controls. The automatic window coverings were relatively inexpensive to purchase & install. I could tell there was a difference in our indoor air conditions within an hour! Unfortunately, so did our cat. Apparently it is not reasonable to block his sun out from him because the automatic shades keep closing when they detect direct sunlight, so he can’t get his afternoon sunbake anymore. As a result, our animal has taken to attacking the automatic temperature controlling shades until they raise back up. Thanks to this spoiled rotten cat, our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C bills have been hitting the roof once again.

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