Blind date doesn’t go well because of no air conditioning

I was actually happy to get set up on a blind date with a friend of my brother.

I’d heard a lot about the guy and seen some photographs of him.

All of us seemed to have a fantastic deal in common. That morning, I went shopping and bought myself a new dress for our dinner date! Since the nicer diners tend to crank the air conditioning, I chose a heavier material and long sleeves. I also splurged on new shoes and a manicure. I even took the time to get my hair highlighted. My date and I decided to meet at the diner. As soon as I stepped inside, I knew I was in trouble. This was the middle of June, and the outside temperature was in the upper eighties. The humidity was brutal, just leaving my air conditioned car and walking across the parking lot and left me slightly sweaty. I expected the interior of the locale to be downright frigid. Instead, it felt horribly overheated and stuffy. I immediately asked the waiter about the lack of air conditioning. She informed me that the cooling system had malfunctioned the day before. They had a licensed repairman coming to service it the next day. This didn’t do me any good. The locale should have closed. I got seated at the table and my date showed up several hours later, and by then, I already had sweat running down my face. I had to mop it up with my napkin. I drained my glass of ice water several times and needed to excuse myself to use the powder room twice, then checking myself in the mirror, I found large sweat stains under my arms.



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