Can never vacuum enough

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I can never do enough.

No matter how hard I work, there’s always something going undone.

I’m either forgetting about the kids, my husband, or myself. I feel like I can’t keep up with work, my family life, and my responsibilities for self-care. And I really don’t know how anyone is supposed to make this work for an entire lifetime when it wears you down every single day. I’m certainly struggling, I can tell you that much. One of the chores that always goes unfulfilled, I’ve found, is vacuuming. My house is always covered in dust and my family is always sneezing their brains out. I want them to feel better and I want the indoor air to be as healthy as possible, but I simply can’t keep up with the dust, debri, and dander that seems to always be floating around us. One of the things that makes the issue much worse is our indoor air quality control equipment. Because we have a central heating, cooling, and air quality control system, we have a lot of problems with dispersing unwanted airborne pollutants through the house. No matter how many times I’ve changed the air filter in the furnace, the air conditioning unit, and the dehumidifier, I feel like there’s always more junk stuck in the air filtration device. I’m finally at my wit’s end with all the nasty dust in the air, so I’m about to contact my indoor air quality control specialist for an upgrade to our HVAC system. With a whole house air purification system, I’m pretty certain that I can finally get some of this dust under control – and stop shaming myself for not vacuuming.

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