Dad is neighborhood celebrity

I wish that I could take a walk without everybody stopping and talking to me.

I’m really not an extroverted person and I enjoy being able to move independently in the world without people bothering me.

Unfortunately, that’s absolutely not the case in my neighborhood anymore. Every time I walk out the door I feel like I am swarmed by all of our neighbors. It’s nice that they are so friendly and interested in having conversation with me. However, I have a creeping sensation that it is always related to my dad rather than me. In fact, I know that this is the case because all of the conversations seem to center around indoor air quality and air temperature control. Considering I am a 15 year old girl I’m pretty sure that my neighbors are more interested in talking to my dad about their HVAC systems. You see, my dad is a certified heating, cooling, and ventilation specialist who works at the largest HVAC repair shop in town. For the past 20 years he has lived in the same house in the same neighborhood. He has also given a lot of help to our neighbors when they have had heating and cooling problems. Anytime there is a broken air conditioning unit or forced air furnace on our block my neighbors are calling my dad. He is really good about helping all of the local residents with their indoor air handling devices and air quality questions. Unfortunately, this HVAC care makes him a bit of a celebrity. That means I am sucked into his sphere of notoriety and people consistently want to bother me when they have heating and cooling problems.



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