Disagreements over Air Conditioning

Like all the people, I am sure you have heard that most marital fights revolve around currency and sex.

I am sure those are tepid button topics, but those immense problems are not, in our opinion, the hardest part of marriage.

To me, the hardest part of marriage is the little stuff. AS an example, I used to hate it when our wife would leave her stinky socks in the residing room. She would hate it when I would leave our half empty Coke cans all over the house. The thing that both of us hated more than anything else, though, was our inability to come to terms with the control unit. Throughout most of our married life, the control component was too high for him and too low for me. I don’t guess either a single of us was ever able to like the cooling system fully, however for whatever reason, women typically want the cooling system blasting more completely, and women typically seem to be too cold. This was tploy for us, with a single exception. The numerous weeks I was pregnant, the Heating and Air Conditioning roles were flipped in our house, however pregnancy makes women hot. OUr internal control units don’t seem to keep us cool enough, so the two of us rely on our a/c even more than women do. I only had a single child, and she was born in August. From January to August, I was typically flipping the control component setting down a couple of notches. One evening, I observed our wife was wearing a coat while watching TV! One Wednesday in May, I went to the condo store and purchased a window cooling system. I used it when I slept, and it was heavenly.

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