Duct sealing resolves complaints with oil furnace

I’ve figured out that heating plus cooling adds up to approximately half of our household energy consumption.

  • The cost of temperature control is considerable.

I’ve spent a great deal of money on the purchase, operation plus service of my oil furnace plus I’m vigilant about decreasing air filters plus scheduling professional service every year. I make sure the component is well cared for, hoping to avoid energy waste, malfunction plus excessive energy bills. I was not glad when I noticed some concerns with the performance of the oil furnace last winter. There were certain rooms of the home that felt chilly plus drafty, no matter how high I adjusted the thermostat. There was a significant amount of dust coming from the heating vents plus an unpleasant, musty smell. When I got my biweekly energy bill, I was shocked by how extravagant it was. I finally tied up a heating system repair. The worker checked the oil furnace plus found nothing wrong. He then tested the ductwork plus discovered that about 30% of the heated air was escaping through several small holes plus leaks at the seams. I sad that we’d need to tear down walls plus ceilings to access the duct system for repairs! Fortunately, the worker used a process that seals the ducts from the inside. He pumped pressurized air into the network of pipes. The air is laced with adhesive, polymer particles that build up along the edges of the imperfections as the air leaks out. The particles gradually create an airnarrow seal. The process took a little over an hour plus created no mess or disfigure.
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