Ductless HVAC flawlessly replaces old central air system

Buying and then moving into my own home was such a great experience.

After a lifetime of renting, it was quite the milestone.

It was apparent that this would be far different from renting. My wife and I have never had the money to afford a home of our own before. It was just out of reach for our income. So, we had to be happy renting . As long as the HVAC was good, we were okay with renting. However, we still longed to have a place of our very own and actually build some equity. We finally did find a place that checked all of our boxes. The best part was the owner was willing to be really creative with financing. Had it not been for that kindness, we would not be homeowners. His wife had died recently. So, he wanted to downsize and needed to get rid of the house. I actually was golf buddies with his son so we got the first shot at the house. The house itself was great structurally. But the rest of the place was in desperate need of major upgrades. The HVAC in particular had to be replaced immediately. It was an old central air system that really didn’t seem all that well designed. After consulting with an HVAC contractor, we started thinking that replacing the central air unit might me unwise. That’s why we decided to go with a series of ductless HVAC units instead. This had turned out to be one of our better decisions. The ductless HVAC does such a great job and is super efficient as well. We found the perfect house and now we have the perfect HVAC system.

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