Getting my HVAC even out in the boonies

I am the type of person who is averse to debt.

My approach is definitely pay as I go.

This has never been more important than it is now. Most of my life, I spent like everybody else. I was in debt but the kind that is looked upon favorably and builds credit. But, I was determined to pay off all of that debt. Once I did, I even sold that perfectly HVAC controlled house. It was tough to do but the ensuing freedom was even better. The next thing I did was to find a very, very remote piece of land to build and live on. I put up solar panels and had a very nice but small prefab house that I put together on the property. That was it. I was free and even off the grid. It was so easy to do away with all the trappings of a complicated life that I really wasn’t all that fond of anyway. But my situation is still quite comfortable. I even have a heating & cooling unit. The winter in this area is mild. However, doing without some form of HVAC cooling in the summer would be nearly unbearable. So, I installed a ductless mini split heating & cooling unit in my little house. The solar power array I have is more than enough to run it and some other stuff. With the help of some fans, the ductless HVAC is more than enough for my needs. It really is amazing what you can do when you decide what is important and what you don’t have to spend on.

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