Getting my room workout ready

I recently got on a big home improvement mission.

I moved from room to room, replacing curtain rods as well as curtains, buying new carpets, painting, putting up new light fixtures as well as replacing light switch plates as well as other items. I realized that some little, fairly small touches could make a significant change. Recently, I turned my attention to our house gym. My workout area is simply a converted extra dining room. The walls were painted a certainly hideous color as well as the ceiling appeared brown. The overhead light fixture was outdated as well as the wooden doors were badly scratched. I moved out all my hand weights, mats, weight bench as well as every piece of workout equipment. I spent a weekend painting the ceiling as well as walls, sanding as well as varnishing the doors, installing new fixtures as well as washing everything down. I even steam cleaned the carpet before I set our component back up again. My workout room is now a much more pleasant space. I was so eager to workout there, and sadly, for the first few afternoons, the fumes from the paint as well as varnish were overwhelming. I ended up opening the windows, even though the weather conditions were severely damp as well as chilly. It took forever for the carpet to dry. I should have waited for the summer time to go into that room. Working out there as well as breathing in those aromas was horrible. I was determined to enjoy my renovated space and I kept getting serious headaches. I finally set up a box fan to help with ventilation.


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