Getting outdoors for some fun

Ever since this virus hit everyone have been locking themselves up inside their homes plus buying media air purification systems like crazy.

Everyone has been anxious about their indoor air pollen levels plus about viruses plus bacteria. I had long already made sure that my house was safe. I purchased some HEPA filters plus media air purification systems from my local heating plus air conditioner company plus now I can believe safe inside of my home. However, after being stuck inside for so long I was ready to get out. So my fiance plus I went to some less populated areas plus started playing some games with our kids. It was charming to be outdoors plus breathe the fresh air again, when you are inside for so long even the best HVAC idea in the world will start to make the air believe stale, boring, plus lifeless. We played all kinds of games with the children while discussing different topics of interest. I believe so much safer knowing the people I was with and I have a whole house air purification idea in our home. I believe lucky plus thankful that the people I was with and I have 1 HEPA filter because according to the heating plus air conditioner companies they were going quick, plus while it was nice getting outdoors it was comforting now the people I was with and I had a safe house to return to. We are doing the best the people I was with and I can to make the best of a exhausting situation plus trying to keep our family safe, however this virus isn’t going to stop us from having a little fun. As long as the people I was with and I can have fun safely for everyone.




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