Guess I have a different kind of life

I’m not too sure who the “man” is however I care about not having that type of lifestyle.

I guess a lot of my relatives are jealous of the type of life I personally lead, deciding not to pursue the “American Dream” but opting for a far more carefree as well as easy type of existence.

It just doesn’t fit in with their idea of exactly how I should be living, but it is my life as well as I can do what I want with it. I’ll leave the worries to the angry as well as sad people as well as just go on living my life. I sell tons of HEPA filters section time at the local business where I live in Europe, laboring about 15 or so extra hours a month as well as spending the rest of the time mainly at the beach with friends. I even still play a lot of beach volleyball after 30 years in the athletic activity, as well as hope to continue to play another 20 years, till my body runs out of steam as well as can no longer operate the way it did. I care about laboring for the Heating, Ventilation & A/C business simply because they are nice to myself and others as well as flexible with myself and others whenever it comes to taking time off. I just took off more than one week to go back to the states to visit my family as well as friends as well as they are currently holding my spot for when I return. They told me and others that they are getting some brand new types of heat pumps in as well as wanted to know if I would care about helping them sell them. I told them I would be super glad to do so as well as can’t wait to get back as well as work again.

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