Happy that I took care of the HVAC repair on my own

After a pretty good amount of research, I came to understand that the reason our heating machine was not actually working was due to a faulty flame sensor. I called a couple of odd Heating as well as Air Conditioning service companies so I could get an estimate for the flame sensor replacement… When I came to learn how much the service would cost, I thought it would be best to attempt the service on my own. I sincerely thought I would be able to tackle the straightforward replacement with the help of a few online videos. I even had the owner’s manual for our heating machine and it showed all of the parts in the furnace. There was also a wiring diagram in the back so I knew which wires went to which parts. I made the choice to order the flame sensor from a Heating as well as Air Conditioning machine parts website online. They did not have express shipping, so I had to wait multiple days for the product to get to my front door. I’m thankful the temperatures were not super cold. I used a section furnace in our bedroom during the night so I could easily stay warm. When the flame sensor arrived, I installed the part the very next day. I laid out a bunch of the tools that I would need to handle the whole project. I watched another video that showed the replacement in perfect detail. I was completely determined to complete the replacement and save a good amount of money. It took approximately 2 hours to install the new furnace parts. I was thinking I would be done a lot sooner, but I still did it all on my own in the end. It would have cost me a small fortune to get a professional Heating as well as Air Conditioning service person to take care of the work, but I was able to do everything myself for cheap.

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