Hard to find home when she is HVAC obsessed

I don’t think that I’m a particularly high maintenance person… but I do have a lot of them in my life for some reason.

I’m not sure what to say about the people that I spend time with, except that they tend to be very difficult. For the most part, I just need a bed, a ceiling fan, and a computer in order to be happy. I have tons of work to do online and I enjoy being able to relax in a comfortable indoor space. These are basically my only requirements when it comes to looking for a new place to live. Unfortunately, my best friend is not the same way, and we have been trying to find a new apartment together for weeks. It seems like my friend is not the best person to become a roommate with, considering how ridiculous her indoor air quality control needs seem to be. I never realized that she was so sensitive to indoor air quality, ranging from the temperature to the allergens that might be in the area. Apparently, she suffers from severe respiratory sensitivities and is unable to manage her own internal temperature appropriately. Therefore, my friend looks for a high quality indoor air temperature control system to make up the slack. This means, looking for an apartment required that the landlord knew all about their central heating, cooling, and air quality control devices. These temperature control machines had to be newly replaced, maintained with a perfect service record, and under warranty with the nearest indoor air quality control dealership, as well. After searching for months for the ideal indoor air quality control setup, my friend and I had to give up. She moved back home, and I’m living in a real dump. But everyone is happy with the HVAC.

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