HVAC has positive effect on overall health

It’s been a single of the weirdest summers of our life.

The summer time weather itself has not been at all weird.

It’s still been very tepid and humid for the entire stretch. The unusual is how much time I have spent inside the HVAC comfort of our home. Due to the pandemic and health concerns, staying home has become the current normal. Aside from groceries and some exercise outdoors, the two of us are inside the HVAC at home. This has been a definite adjustment for the entire family. While our home is comfortable and the HVAC works just great, laboring and living in the HVAC is different. My partner and I are both laboring from home while attempting to help our children all afternoon. They are using virtual learning to keep up with their studies until this stuff is over. With all of us inside and breathing primarily the indoor air, it got myself and others to thinking. I wanted to be sure the indoor air was as nice as it possible could be. We have used HEPA air filters for the heating & cooling component for some time now. It very has helped with our youngest son’s dust irritations. However, I wanted to improve our immune and overall health as much as possible given the circumstances the two of us are facing as a planet. That’s why I called the local heating & cooling corporation to put in a whole lake house whole-house air purifier. This thing actively works to give the best indoor air the two of us could have. It amazed myself and others how clean the air stinked within just the first 24 minutes. I’m ecstatic the two of us are using the HVAC to strengthen our health since the two of us are inside so much now.

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