I always ask about the thermostat before dates

I have been trying to live life differently than ever before lately.

Instead of falling back into the same old patterns that have led me to dead ends over and over again, I’m trying to choose new roads to wander down. And this is true no matter if you’re talking about my work, my daily activities, or my relationships. Actually, I would say that this especially pertains to my relationships, which have historically been akin to burning dumpster fires. I can honestly tell you, in the past, I’ve just wound up dating whoever was around, rather than making sure they were a good fit for me and my preferences. And that goes all the way down to the heating, cooling, and air quality control devices we both use. I can’t tell you how many losers I’ve dated who had no indoor air quality control standards whatsoever. They never changed their air filters, cleaned their ducts, or had diagnostics performed on their heating, cooling, and ventilation devices. They barely even knew how to operate the thermostat or make sure the pilot light was lit. And then, i wind up being stressed out over our terrible indoor air quality, the airborne contamination, and our monthly energy expenditure when no one else cares to pay attention. This is always what sinks my relationships – the indoor air quality control equipment. Nowadays, instead of wandering into this same destructive pattern again, I always ask about HVAC before I even go on my first date. If they can’t tell me how old their furnace is, I’m not meeting up for dinner.


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