I can’t believe the window was open in the bathhouse making the heater not work

Just this last weekend, my family & I went camping.

The weather was meant to be sunny & clear with not too many clouds in the sky! I thought it would be the most wonderful weekend for camping.

My wife & I were both off from our jobs early on Thursday, so we decided to go home & started packing the truck before the little ones got off the school bus. All of us took the tent, sleeping bags, a lantern, & a full cooler with different types of drinks & food. It wasn’t supposed to be brutally cold that evening, however my wife & I took a small space oil heating machine just in case. All of us were staying in a campground with electricity & water on our campsite. If we had to deal with the cold, we would be able to plug in the heater machine. My wife & the little ones & I went for a hike as soon as we showed up at the camping destination. It easily began raining while we were hiking. When we came back to the campsite, we were totally ready to go to the bathhouse to get a shower. There was an oil heating machine in the bathhouse which helped make the entire area feel a great deal warmer. There was also an oil furnace in the ladies’ bathhouse, but there also was an open window near the roof. Too much hot air from the oil furnace was escaping because of the open window. I had a fairly hot & wonderful shower, however my wife & the little ones could not say the same thing. I’m really happy that the tent was hot & cozy for bedtime because of the small portable space heater machine.

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