I didn’t realize that I was allergic to pine trees

I pretty much always have had fake Christmas trees.

My wife, on the other hand, always had the real Christmas trees.

So we decided to have a real Christmas tree on our first Christmas as a married couple. That is when I found out that I am allergic to pine trees. The tree was up for approximately 3 weeks however it was a horrible time for me. I am sure my wife would have agreed to get rid of the real tree if she actually knew I was suffering. However, it took a week plus a half before I came to know it was the tree that was making me sick. Then I decided that I only had a little bit more to go before Christmas was eventually over. So I didn’t say anything to her about it. When we got rid of the tree though, my dust irritations still were not improving. I tried getting a new air filter for our HVAC machine plus that’s when I noticed that there were a huge amount of pine needles in our air filter. I shone a flashlight down inside of our ductwork plus there are a pretty large amount of pine needles all up inside of the ductwork too. No wonder I am still having these horrible allergy symptoms. It was really a terrible move to put a live Christmas tree over an HVAC duct to begin with. I had no clue in the slightest those real trees shed so many needles. So now I have hired HVAC professionals to come out plus do a thorough ductwork cleaning. I’ll likely have them do a tune up on our HVAC machine while they are at it. But, next year, we will be going for a fake tree.


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