I handle the HVAC maintenance, she handles cars

I think everyone needs a clear and obvious separation of duties in their life.

It’s so hard to be a parent, a professional, and a romantic partner these days, when everything is so intermingled and confusing in this pandemic-world.

I can’t imagine what its doing to everyone’s mental health as they attempt to be everything for everyone, every moment of the day. This is one reason why my wife and I agreed on very separate, properly described duties around our house years ago. I can admit, I’m a bit OCD whenever it comes to the indoor air quality. I don’t like to have allergens floating around in the ducts, I don’t appreciate calling the HVAC company down the road for professional emergency repair services, and I don’t like to see my energy bill draining my bank account each month if I can prevent it. With all of these things in mind, I decided to ask my wife if I could be the heating and cooling supervisor of the house. I would arrange the professional heating and cooling appointments. I would set the thermostat each month to match the outdoor climate without driving up our energy bills. I would deal with the routine maintenance and service requirements to keep up with the manufacturer warranty on our HVAC equipment. In exchange, my wife handles the repairs and maintenance on the cars. We each have a designated set of duties that we focus on regularly, and our expensive investments are always operating in tip-top shape with the best service professionals examining them. If you’re worried about being overloaded, maybe consider being responsible for your HVAC system and let someone else handle the rest.
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