I never thought that I would be a bee exterminator

Back when I was growing up plus going to college plus even in college, I never in a million years thought that I would end up being a bee exterminator for a residing… These were never something that I was ever entirely interested in at all, however, I somehow ended up doing a yellow blazer removal task when I was toiling as a landscaper.

This yellow blazer thing just kind of fell into our lap, plus I found that I entirely enjoyed it.

I felt that it was honestly satisfying to get rid of all of these bad yellow blazers plus wash out the space for this family that the people I was with and I were helping. The landscaper that I was toiling for at that time hated doing bee removal work, plus she mentioned the fact that there entirely needed to be a bee extermination corporation opened up in our community somewhere. She said that she was constantly getting calls from people who wanted him to come plus do wasp removal, yellow blazer removal, plus bee eradication plus rescue work for them stage since she hates doing it, she is always turning people down for the business, however when she told myself and others that, our ears perked up because I was looking for a current corporation idea. I entirely wanted to be an entrepreneur plus run our own business. That’s when I decided that I was going to go into the bee extermination business. Now, I have been running our own corporation for the past more than two years plus I entirely care about doing bee extermination, bee eradication, plus rescue.



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