I sold my huge dehumidifier

I sold my huge dehumidifier.

It took me about three weeks, but I finally was able to sell my dehumidifier.

I didn’t want my dehumidifier anymore because it was simply too large. I used to keep the dehumidifier in my huge pole barn, but I sold that barn, so I don’t really have a place to keep such a large dehumidifier anymore. I used the dehumidifier in my basement for a little while, but my kids kept complaining that the dehumidifier took up too much room in the basement where they play. I understood where they were coming from, so I decided to just go ahead and sell that huge dehumidifier. I got it listed online, but I didn’t realize that I accidentally put the wrong measurements for the size of the dehumidifier. It wasn’t until someone mentioned that it sounded like a small dehumidifier that I realized I put down the wrong measurements. Once I fixed the measurements, I started getting a lot of offers for my dehumidifier. I actually ended up selling it to a guy for more than my asking price. He said that he had been looking for a dehumidifier that size for a long time. Another guy wanted it, so the man actually offered to pay me fifty dollars more than my asking price, and I told him that I would sell it to him for that much. I was happy to get rid of that dehumidifier, and the guy who bought it was happy to finally find a large dehumidifier like the one that I sold him.
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