I still do ballet training

When I was a little girl, I had my heart set on becoming a professional ballerina.

I worked really hard on that goal, spending 6 days a week as well as endless hours at the studio.

I took all sorts of classes, followed a harsh diet as well as drove all over the locale to work with unusual teachers. For several years, I was part of a business that travelled throughout North America as well as Europe! Eventually, I had to face up to the reality that life as a ballerina is severely hard as well as doesn’t pay the bills. I continued to dance throughout school, but my priority turned to finding a more practical job. Once I entered the workforce, I no longer had the time or chance to spend time at the studio. My new lifestyle was much more stationary as well as I started to gain some weight. I didn’t enjoy how I looked or felt. I missed my dance routine. I have now adapted a weekly workout that incorporates my ballet training. I get up early so that I have an extra hour before heading to work. I take this time to go through my few skills, stretches as well as drills to maintain strength, stamina, balance as well as flexibility. While ballet movements look graceful as well as effortless, they absolutely require a great deal of concentration, muscle control as well as range of motion. The leaps, jumps, plies as well as pirouettes work all different muscles, get my heart rate up as well as leave me feeling flushed and good about myself.

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