I was selected to present a talk on air conditioner install at a seminar

My colleagues and I recently attended a seminar as main speakers on the dangers of poor air conditioner install. I had 2 weeks before preparing for the same, so I visited an Heating & A/C business to gather as much information as possible. At the business, I was introduced to an air conditioner professional who took myself and others through all the steps of a current Heating & A/C and installed processes. Basically, I came to learn that to achieve desirable air quality, every one of us need a respectfully working system, and the cooling industry has been perfecting those over the years. The professional I was assigned to was rather engaged with other duties, so a less involved air conditioner repairman was sent to help myself and others with the preparation. I wanted to learn more about the job that the heating and cooling provider plays in the supply chain and how their involvement can bring value addition to the end-user while maintaining the air conditioner business’s integrity. Additionally, I wanted to find out why an air filter tends to be the first section of cooling system to check if the system has a minor fault, and from what I gathered, it seemed that oil furnace/heater service was not as perused as a specialty compared to most titles in the air conditioner. I also l earned that homeowner solutions offer such a significant relief if gave with any upgrade, however not numerous providers considered it a necessity to homeowners, especially when they are hired as a current business by a first client. The information I gathered helped our case in the presentation.

Air conditioning workman

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