I wasn’t feeling very happy when I got sick

I knew I was getting sick with something when I woke up on Tuesday day plus I did not feel especially well! Most people dread Tuesday nights, but I love my job immensely.

When I get up for work, I commonly feel happy plus ready for the week.

On Tuesday in the morning though, I had the desire to crawl back into my bed plus shut off the alarm clock, however I took a shower plus shaved. While I was picking out my clothes, I made the move to check my temperature. I always keep a thermometer in the bath because our little one visits every weekend. I don’t want to be one of those dads that take their kid to the emergency room if they are feeling overly warm. I took my temperature plus I had a fever of 102.4. I called my boss at work plus I told the guy that I wasn’t going to make it. He honestly expected myself and others to complete a ductless AC upgrade task. I could not even concentrate on making any breakfast, so I knew it was going to be especially challenging to concentrate on a ductless AC upgrade task. I felt pretty bad for bailing on my boss at the very last moment, but I felt absolutely terrible. I would not have been a lot of help at work plus I absolutely don’t suppose I would have had the strength or capability to actually finish the ductless AC upgrade task on my own. I spent multiple nights at my household resting on the couch, before I felt better. Happily, most of my symptoms were easily gone and I woke up feeling refreshed after those sickly days.


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