I’m really glad my father had some section heaters to keep us toasty

My parents made the move to get divorced when I was young.

It actually wasn’t as terrible as you might think.

To be honest, I found that my parents were better people when they were separated from each other. I did easily miss spending time with my dad though. The time I did spend with him was legitimately amazing. Almost every weekend we would go camping. He had this travel trailer & we would just go have the best time ever in it. My friends didn’t understand why I never had my weekends free even though I truly would rather go camping with my dad than go to the shopping mall anyway… Well I’m all grown up now & have a life of my own. It has been years since I went camping with my dad. Not so long ago, he called me out of the blue & asked if I wanted to go camping. I said yeah, but regrettably it ended up being a single one of the most frosty weekends of the year. Fortunately, my dad had several section oil furnaces in his trailer & we were hooked up to electricity. We would go out & go hiking or biking & then come back inside of the trailer & get warmed up in front of the section heaters. I have to say, it was tremendously difficult to pull ourselves away from those section oil furnaces & go have more wonderful times outdoors. Even cooking outside was not so easy. The section oil furnaces were a lot more comfortable than the campfire happened to be. Still, I had an enjoyable time & this reminded me of all the superb times the two of us used to have. We honestly should go camping a bit more often.

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