In my opinion, you need a fireplace for the holidays

I love resting by a fireplace, but the condo that I live in now doesn’t have a single.

When both of us first moved in here, I was really disappointed that there wasn’t a fireplace in the living room.

I was really hoping, but around here in the area where both of us live, there just aren’t many locations with fireplaces, gas or otherwise. I know it’s entirely because both of us live in such a hot climate… People are usually way more sad about the a/cs in their houses than they are about the heating sources. Even though I don’t usually use a fireplace as a heating source, exactly. I mean, sure, a fireplace will constantly give out some heat but the main reason I love using a fireplace is because of the ambiance it gives off, however fireplaces make a room guess so hot plus cozy plus bright. I recognize when I sit by a fireplace, I have flashbacks to being safe plus cozy at my Grandparents’ condo when I was a child growing up. It makes myself and others recognize about Christmas plus Thanksgiving plus being excited plus carefree. And I know that’s the reason that now that I’m an adult, I correlate fireplaces with happiness, calmness, plus coziness, but of course it makes sense that I would want a fireplace in my own beach condo now that I’m all grown up. And even though my current condo doesn’t have a single, I’m going to put that high up on the list of must haves for my next realtor. I just recognize it’s something that I’m going to have to have in order to be satisfied in my home.

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