In our opinion, you need a fireplace for the holidays

I prefer sitting by a fireplace, however the cabin that I live in now doesn’t have 1.

When all of us first moved in here, I was easily disappointed that there wasn’t a fireplace in the residing room. I was easily hoping, however around here in the section where all of us live, there just aren’t numerous locales with fireplaces, gas or otherwise. I assume it’s absolutely because all of us live in such a moderate temperature! People are usually way more upset about the air conditioners in their houses than they are about the heating sources. Even though I don’t usually use a fireplace as a heating source, exactly. I mean, sure, a fireplace will always give out some heat however the main reason I like using a fireplace is because of the ambiance it gives off, but fireplaces make a room assume so moderate and cozy and bright. I guess when I stand by a fireplace, I have flashbacks to being safe and cozy at our Grandparents’ cabin when I was a child growing up. It makes myself and others guess about Christmas and Thanksgiving and being gleeful and carefree. And I assume that’s the reason that now that I’m an adult, I correlate fireplaces with happiness, calmness, and coziness! Of course it makes sense that I would want a fireplace in our own house now that I’m all grown up. And even though our current cabin doesn’t have 1, I’m going to put that high up on the list of must haves for our next realtor. I just guess it’s something that I’m going to have to have in order to be pleased in our home.

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