Installing new HVAC im my new home

I recently moved into my new mansion, and by the time I did so, the central heating system had not been fixed.

I wouldn’t say I liked it there for a while, but I had portable fun with me.

By then, I had no connections in the cooling industry, so I relied on friends and neighbors’ referrals to recommend a reliable HVAC company. I wasn’t working then, so I had all the time to go through their homeowner solutions to decide what was suitable for me. The air conditioning professional who came and checked my home before he started the installation seemed to have been in the air conditioning business for quite a while because he understood how it worked perfectly. He acted as expected of a professional cooling and heating provider and carried on with his work diligently. He installed the new HVAC within a few days, but It unusually took a little while to start making a difference. I later realized I needed more than one AC for a mansion because the air quality upstairs was wanting. Because of that misadvise, I sourced for a new contractor to help me figure out the best way to provide heat and cold all over the house. That would mean lots of air filters around the house too. Moving on, the a/c repairman advised that I supplement the ducted units with ductless mini-splits. Days after the repair, my air conditioning system worked perfectly. I had a boiler in the basement for heating, but I hoped I wouldn’t have frequent furnace /heater repair. I decided to be calling them for that or any repair for their good and fair services. I had no idea air conditioner install could be that problematic, but I finished with that.

New HVAC equipment

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