It was a nice party, but the A/C system ended up breaking down

When everybody was talking about some party, I was disappointed because I was not invited.

Then some buddies said that everybody was invited, and that I should tag along.

I decided to get on board with that plan! I got into some of my most stylish gear and strolled into the party with my friends. The place was absolutely crowded, but the music was blasting and the drinks were plentiful. The only real issue was that it was kind of overheated because of all the body heat in the house. I don’t think the house was intended to be so crowded, so it seemed that the A/C system was not able to keep up with the extra heating from all the body heat. I found it to be much nicer in the basement though. Basements tend to be naturally cool because they are surrounded by earth. The basement was set up really nice too. There was a dance floor that actually lit up, and the music could be heard all through the house, but was loudest in the basement. I decided to bust a move on the dancefloor and it was a good time dancing with some of the ladies down there. Eventually though, it was disappointing when the A/C system quit entirely. I learned that somebody messed with the thermostat to get the A/C cranked up, but they ended up putting too much stress on the A/C system. It wasn’t too bad in the basement, but even down there it was starting to heat up. The party was still on regardless of the broken A/C system, but a lot of people left early.


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