It’s amazing what you can do with current cell phones

There are times when I wonder how I was able to make it through life without having a smartphone on hand all of the time.

  • This was how things were until 2013 when I used a new smartphone on a whim because my cell phone carrier was no longer offering flip phones and slider phones.

I had to get something with a data contract, there just wasn’t a choice that particular year. Although my phone carrier eventually started adding ancient phones again after so many people were making complaints. It actually didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the amazing new technology. Suddenly I no longer was lost attempting to find new businesses, whether I had the desire to checkout a brand new store or if I had a doctor’s appointment at a new office. All I have to do is open my maps app, type in the address or business name, and I’m instantly supplied the directions to each place. If I so desire, I can enable turn by turn instruction which narrates every single step of the way like an old vehicle GPS device. Another available option that I have is entering a category of business, such as diners, gyms, or Barnes and Nobles, and then the application gives me a really good list of numerous possibilities in whatever section I happen to be located. This is especially a good thing if you’re in a village that you’re not actually used to. Recently I used this really nice feature to find a commercial and industrial device business that offers chiller rentals. My best pal runs a giant citrus processing plant and has chillers to cool his appliance and his entire facility. Since his chillers are down for repairs at this moment, he must rent a temporary portable chiller so he can resume his business operations. He was completely thankful when I was able to find a few possibilities for him on my phone during our lunch outing the other day.

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