It’s kind of strange that I don’t like ham, but I have not liked it since I was young

I always look forward to Holiday dinners with family and friends, but I have never been a fan of ham.

I can’t really tell you the reason why, except that I stopped liking ham when my mother told me where ham came from as a child.

It’s some strange psychological thing, and it really makes no sense. Even though I knew ham came from pigs, I still would eat bacon without any issues. I guess I just didn’t like the flavor or it made me feel squeamish, I don’t know. So while I enjoy all the foods that are cooking, the corn, green beans, turkey, stuffing, pies, and all the good stuff, I never care for the salty smell of the ham. It just makes me feel kind of nauseous inside. Whenever they put the ham on the table, I always want to be far away from it! I usually prefer to eat my food close to the fireplace too. I love being able to keep as warm as possible. If I am not able to get a spot that is close to the fireplace, then I will try to find a place that is near an HVAC vent. I love feeling the warm air from the heating system coming from the HVAC vents. It makes it so I can easily enjoy my meal and I am able to be happy while talking with my family and friends. As long as they don’t mess with me about the ham, because they have been doing this ever since they learned that I don’t like ham. They always try to offer me some, and I tell them to quit playing around before I get sick and throw up!


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