Kids moved back in with zone controlled

I really wasn’t excited when my kids said that they needed a place to stay, but what was I going to do? Put them out on the streets? I understand that last year was really difficult for everyone, and a lot of people needed extra help because they lost their jobs.

I personally wasn’t affected by these pandemic changes, but my family sure was. All of my kids wound up losing their jobs and desperately trying to scrape by through the horrible events. As such, when my oldest kid asked for a place to stay with his significant other, I couldn’t say no. But I could say… “Not until we get zone controlled heating, cooling, and air quality control in the house.” You see, I learned my lesson twenty years ago when this kid was really young. He was a nightmare when it came to the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment in our home. He was always complaining about the thermostat settings and trying to investigate the air handling equipment. I can’t tell you how many professional heating, cooling, and ventilation repair appointments we had to make because he threw something down the ducts, punched holes in the air vents, or just straight up broke the thermostat with his rough little hands. I felt like the heating, cooling, and air quality control shop was on speed dial with all of his shenanigans. So, thinking of letting him back in the house, near my high tech HVAC devices these days? I don’t think so. As soon as we had zone controlled air quality devices in the house, he was permitted back inside.


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