My house is really soothing when its quiet

My house is so quiet right now that it makes the entire place feel comfortable, and at first, I could not figure out why the place was so quiet.

  • All of our kids were still at home, so it isn’t some sort of empty nest syndrome or anything like that.

I also would like to point out that my home is not unusually loud, we aren’t’ screaming or anything usual. Actually, it was hard to notice that our home was quieter at first, and that is because I never knew that we had so much background noise. The reason that our home is quieter is that the HVAC units in our home are not running. We have a central a/c and a gas furnace in our house, and for the majority of the year, our HVAC units are running! Sure, our Heating, and A/C units are not obnoxiously loud or anything, but the fan is loud enough to be heard. You do not notice the noise of the HVAC units when they are running, but when the HVAC units are not running for a long period of time, it feels like something is missing. There isn’t anything wrong with our heating and cooling. The reason that it is so quiet is that the temperature outside right now is so perfect that you do not need a heating and a/c unit. It is the middle of the fall, and the temperature is great. We just turn on the fans and open the window instead of keeping the thermostat on. It is kind of nice to not need to use the HVAC units, but it is too quiet at our house. However, I think that we will have to turn the gas furnace on soon enough, and then, the noise levels in our home will return back to normal.
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