My internship as an air conditioning professional

This was supervised, yet again but now by a new contractor.

Before I joined college, I didn’t seem interested in any course, but I was keen on taking up technical courses. Once I made up my mind, I did a course on air conditioning systems and was required to go for an internship after the course. I was selected to work in an HVAC company near my college. I worked as an assistant to the a/c repairman during that time, and I learned a lot. Out in the field, I managed to perform air conditioner install in homes under close supervision. Before every installation, I would sit down with the clients, advise them on homeowner solutions. Being in class and practicing the course produced a totally different experience in each scenario. I loved the experience and planned to start my own air conditioning business soon after college and be able to contribute to the development of the cooling industry as a whole. A few more practicals took me to a restaurant where good air quality was slowly losing its appeal. It was my turn again to install a new HVAC, so the hotel closed that morning for the exercise. This was supervised, yet again but now by a new contractor. The cooling and heating provider made my internship quite an experience and rewarding exercise. Over the last few days, I spent them learning how to install, clean, and replace the different air filters and perform minor furnace/heater repair on short notice. Once I left, I applied for jobs as a trainee with the hope of becoming an air conditioning professional one day.


Air conditioning repair

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