My wife was thrilled when she saw the mediterranean manor

My wife and I looked all up and down the coast for the right house.

I wanted to make her happy.

My wife had something special in mind and she didn’t want to settle for anything less than her ideal home. I didn’t mind taking our time to find the perfect house. We looked at several houses with our realtor, but one place in particular caught my wife’s eye the first time we saw the eight bedroom floor plan. The nediterranean manor had a large two-story entrance with an arched and vaulted ceiling. The unique design had a media room, an exercise room, and a full sized, indoor swimming pool in the basement. My wife absolutely fell in love with the open floor plan of the mediterranean manor. As soon as we left the property, my wife told me that she wanted to make an offer on the mediterranean manor with eight bedrooms. I thought that the house was a little big and absolutely excessive, but I wasn’t going to argue with my wife after she found the perfect place. Besides, I loved the large inground pool in the basement and that was enough to convince me that the manor had to be ours. The half basketball court in the backyard didn’t hurt either. After we moved to the house, my wife went crazy decorating every room. Most of the main house is also decorated in meditirrreaian manor style, but each one of the four guest rooms has a different theme. One room is Tuscany inspired, while another has more of a Greek influence. Another room is themed like a grand european retreat. The house really is marvelous.


Desert eclectic home

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