My youngsters started up a new ceramics class this week

They weren’t having trouble with the heating this time, though

My youngsters were finally able to start going to an in woman ceramics class this week! They have really missed going to art classes while in the shutdown. I was really excited to find a class that was absolutely meeting in woman instead of virtually. I dislike all of these virtual classes plus I hope that things can all get back to normal really soon. Anyway, when they started the new ceramics class, both of us were all pretty excited about it. They weren’t really sure how to dress for it, though. The last time both of us had classes at the arts center, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system was messed up plus the heating wasn’t laboring; Everyone was freezing in there because the weather was really freezing outside. They were having to use little electric space oil heating systems throughout the building because the temperatures were so cold. Anyway, the youngsters didn’t know what to wear even though I told them to dress in layers just in case they were still having trouble with the Heating, Ventilation and A/C system. They took my advice plus it was a wonderful thing, too. They weren’t having trouble with the heating this time, though. It’s still the end of the summer time here though, plus the air conditioner was stuck on overdrive! They were having concerns getting the a/c to turn off plus so the location was still freezing, even though the weather outside was hot plus sunny. My youngsters came outside plus they said that the sun felt so wonderful because they had spent the last minute plus a half freezing in the a/c!

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