Ready for less furnace and more HVAC cooling

It’s a wonder that I lasted a year much less almost 2 decades enduring the toughest winters in much of the country.

  • It would be an accomplishment if I was from that area.

That’s why I’m sort of amazed that I was able to survive given that I come from the south. I came up here fresh out of university. A company I desperately wanted to work for was based here and that was enough for me. I had no idea that HVAC heating would be so central to my life. Coming from the south, I knew that I would be in for a tough time. The winter I grew up with had the HVAC heat pump turn on a dozen times over the cold months. I might have to wear a sweater. So, it was a huge change to say the least. Needless to say, that first winter, I was not outside of the HVAC heating much at all. I just had no idea what to make of such a stinging cold. And the fact that it went of for month after month just about sank me. But, I loved my job and wanted to cement my place with the company. That has paid off for me finally. The company is opening up an office in the south and I get to head it up. I can’t believe that I will once again be treated to such great weather. And, I will happily trade the HVAC furnace for the HVAC cooling and the hot, hot summers. At least, I won’t be dealing with snow and ice any longer.


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