Running is my favorite work out

Because of the harsh weather in our area, it’s most often required to workout inside.

  • The outside temperature can change someplace between the mid 80s to twenty below freezing.

The north faces high humidity, snow, rain, sleet as well as high winds. It’s just about impossible to dress for the weather as well as enjoy any time outside. For my day to day workouts, I most often enjoy going for a run. It’s a quick as well as straightforward way to burn a tremendous amount of calories as well as work a great deal of muscles. It’s straight-forward to work up a sweat, get tired as well as increase our heart rate! Running is a great, full-body, cardio workout. Building up speed as well as stamina doesn’t take all that long. I’ve gotten where I can run for an hour on the treadmill with no issue at all. I make sure my water bottle is full as well as within reach. I blast my favorite song list nice as well as loud as well as often sing along. I vary between working to up my pace as well as challenging myself with a more serious incline. I properly burn around 710 calories over an hour on the treadmill. Although there’s no new scenery to look at as well as the run can be rather boring, I enjoy the ability to zone out. Running is a great way to get rid of stress as well as let our mind saunter a bit. If the weather permits, I like running outside. Breathing the fresh air as well as choosing a route always motivates me to go a little harder.


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