Security system is part of home automation system

I live in a neighborhood that is a little bit sketchy. While my street is all well-cared for homes and nice families, the adjacent street has worrisome element. Because of this, I have invested into a security system. I have motion-activated lights surrounding the property that react to anyone breeching the perimeter. I have surveillance cameras that provide a real-time view of every angle of the property. My door locks are automated, allowing me to secure them through an app on my phone. If someone knocks on the door, I can see who it is and even speak to them, whether or not I am on the premises. There are sensors on all of the windows that set off an alarm if they are opened or broken. Along with security, the system includes smoke and moisture sensors. I receive an alert if there is any indication of fire or flooding. I’ve incorporated the security system into a home automation system. I love the advantages of wireless operation. All of my smart appliances and systems are combined into a single hub for convenient control. I have access to a smart thermostat that includes energy tracking, energy-saving tips, humidity control and temperature adjustments. I get reminders for changing filters and scheduling maintenance for the heating and cooling system. My sump pump is integrated into the home automation system as well, I know when it’s operating and if there is an problem with it. I have the ability to adjust the lights in my home and have even set up an automatic program for specific lights to turn on and off.


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