Staying with our Heating & A/C people for repairs

But, as soon as I thought it, I knew that I’d just be asking for trouble

Man, have times ever gotten slim in our household. The economic impact of the pandemic has been felt immediately here. Both my husband & I are having to scramble to find ways to pay the bills. I’m working from the guest room directly under an Heating & A/C vent. It’s not so bad but the fact is, I’m making nearly 25 percent less than I was. My husband’s job has basically evaporated. She worked in retail about 30 hours a week. Now, she’s lucky to get 10 hours. So there has been a lot of cost chopping in recent months. I didn’t realize how comfortably Heating & A/C controlled my old office was. It’s much warmer in my beach house work space because every one of us are trying to cut costs. That means the Heating & A/C setting is much higher this year. I don’t remember ever having to deal with this much warmth in the house while I was in the summer. But, it’s worth it because every one of us are saving much needed funds by avoiding immense Heating & A/C electric bills. However, every one of us just took a gut punch the other day. The Heating & A/C guy was here to do the annual service. But, he found a problem that has to be corrected within a matter of weeks. It’s an fancy Heating & A/C repair. I even considered finding a handy man or somebody that could do the Heating & A/C repair for less. But, as soon as I thought it, I knew that I’d just be asking for trouble. For something as important to us as the Heating & A/C, you simply have to go with proven professionals.

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