That is how I look so good

I recently turned 50 years old.

I’ve always made fitness a big priority in our life.

It’s important to me that I look as well as believe our best. I take pride in being able to fit into the same jeans I wore in school. I believe that when I workout all the time, I have more energy, am more productive as well as have a more positive outlook. I feel my rather youthful appearance is because I’ve taken great care of myself. I make it a point to spend an hour on our physical fitness every afternoon. I properly exercise first thing in the afternoon. While I frequently change up the style of workout to target all different muscle groups, I combine high intensity cardio with stretching as well as strength training. I incorporate equipment such as hand weights, weighted poles as well as ankle weights. I do tons of squats, lunges, push ups, mountain climbers as well as abdominal crunches. To get our heart going, I jump rope, run, ride our bike as well as do things enjoy jumping jacks as well as planks. I always make time to properly warm up as well as stretch. I am convinced that these efforts have allowed me to stay active. I still love playing soccer with my kids, kayaking, rock climbing as well as skiing. I’m also certainly conscientious about my diet. I don’t drink coffee or pop as well as certainly little alcohol. I don’t smoke or take any prescription pills. For lunch I eat a banana as well as for supper I have yogurt.

Workout plans

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