The cooling unit is working again

Have you ever been resting in your office looking at the computer and you can’t work? That was how I was last year, because of the pandemic, most of the staff left so I had so I had more things to handle, but some came back however the workload was getting to me, then it seemed I reached a point where my brain could no longer think, and for an entire month I just sat there each day not able to do much until my boss noticed.

She called me into her office and said it was time to take a break.

I tried to explain there was still lots to do although she told me something I’ll never forget. If I took 2 weeks or longer to relax, the company would still be there when I got back, and the next afternoon, I booked a hotel in a nice area and went away to relax. The first night at the hotel all I did was sleep, however, things went sideways the next afternoon when the AC device stopped working. I tried to call the front desk to explain the AC device was out. But it seemed there was not a single response to this matter. I had to get up and head down to complain once more, this time loudly for management to take action. Within 15 minutes an AC worker was in my room checking to see why the AC device wasn’t working. It seemed no one had cleaned the air filter in some time and it was blocking air flow into the room, needless to say, I checked out of this hotel and went somewhere else for better relaxation.

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