The county courthouse

I had to go to the county courthouse recently to pay a speeding ticket I got.

I entirely need to watch the speed limit while on the road I know.

But occasionally when I am coming home from labor on a Monday afternoon I just want to get home and relax! So I tend to drive a little fast. I ended up getting caught and had to pay a 73 buck fine. I was not happy about this blatantly. But when I arrived at the courthouse I was pleasantly surprised to walk in and be hit with the greatest temperature I ever felt in a single of these locations! It was rather hot out, and I was not expecting to guess top of the line and quality central air conditioning. Usually the air conditioning in courthouses are pretty weak to tell you the truth. But the air conditioning in this courthouse was fabulous! I almost wanted to stay there all day the air conditioning was that great. I easily mentioned something to someone inside about the air conditioning and they seemed to agree with me. The clerk that took my payment told myself and others that the courthouse had just recently replaced their central heating and A/C system because a lot of people that had to labor there every single day were complaining about it being too tepid or too cold in there. That was surprising to myself and others because I wasn’t ever sure that they easily felt the horrible air conditioning and heating that were normally in these locations! I quote them farewell and promised to not cut the speed limit ever again.

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