The humidifier broke down

The humidifier that I used to use in our basement is not absolutely working much longer.

I don’t even know when the humidifier stopped working all of the sudden. I know that basements are usually entirely moist, so people usually need dehumidifiers for their basements, but our basement is exactly the opposite. It is so dry down there that all of us have to use a humidifier; My partner’s and my living room is absolutely down there, so it is absolutely important to me that all of us have a humidifier in the basement. If our living room wasn’t down there, I wouldn’t care nearly as much about having a humidifier in the basement! Well, The humidifier wasn’t actually in the living room, so I would often forget to check to make sure that it had water in it. I absolutely went a couple of months without checking it this last time, as well as when I finally remembered to take a peek at it, the humidifier wasn’t even on. I tried filling the humidifier with water as well as turning it on, but it would not turn on. I was absolutely disappointed. I have only had that humidifier for about more than 2 years, as well as it already stopped working, then the whole reason that I got that humidifier was because it had unbelievable reviews that said it would last a absolutely long time, however apparently, not any one of them last that long. I absolutely did not take as unbelievable care of that humidifier as I should have, so maybe that is why it quit on me already. I told myself that if I got another humidifier, I would take better care of it. I am planning to put the next one in my living room so that it will be easier to remember to take care of it.

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