The HVAC repair wasn’t so bad

After a pretty good amount of research, I came to learn that the reason our heating equipment was not working was due to a faulty flame sensor.

I contacted a couple of different Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment repair companies so I could get a quote for the flame sensor replacement.

When I found out how much the repair would actually cost, I decided to attempt the repair entirely by myself. I easily thought I would be able to tackle the replacement with the help of a couple online videos. I even had the owner’s manual for my heating equipment plus it showed all of the parts in the entire furnace. There was also a wiring diagram in the back so I was able to figure out which wires went to which parts. I decided to order the flame sensor from a Heating plus Air Conditioning parts website that was online. They didn’t have overnight shipping, so I had to wait multiple days for the product to get to my door. Thankfully the outdoor temperatures were not extremely nippy. I used section heating equipment in our family room at night so I could easily remain warm. When the flame sensor got to my place, I installed the part as soon as I could. I laid out all of the tools that I would need to take care of the project. I watched another video that showed the official part replacement in complete detail. I was fully determined to complete the upgrade plus save a tremendous amount of cash. It took roughly 2 hours to install the new heating equipment parts. I sincerely thought I would be done quite a bit sooner, however I still did it all on my own. It would have cost me a good amount of money to get a professional Heating plus Air Conditioning repair person to take care of the work, however I did it all for $37.

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